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Mary Gallicchio 

631-585-0100 ext. 1086

Kristen Walker 

631-585-0100 ext. 1087

2900 Veterans Memorial Hwy.

Bohemia, NY 11716

631-585-0100 Phone

631-585-0233 Fax


Residential Services


AHRC currently provides a variety of residential options to individuals with developmental disabilities throughout Suffolk County. AHRC operates community residences or IRAs, and two residential settings for Individuals who are Medically Fragile (ICF).


With the assistance of Direct Care Staff Members, we aim to make residents feel as comfortable as possible.


Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA)


Leaving the security of home to start a new phase of life is one of the most important steps we take as independent members of society.  AHRC Suffolk owns more than two dozen community residences throughout Suffolk County. These homes are designed to give adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to live together as a family under the full-time supervision of a House Manager and Direct Support Professionals who ensure their safety. Residents experience the pride of taking on real responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.  They eat meals together, form new friendships and learn to resolve disputes. They can take part in planned recreational activities or choose to entertain themselves. When possible, they are often encouraged to explore and become active members of their community. 


Our community residences look just like every other house in the neighborhood; adapted, remodeled or designed to accommodate the needs of the intellectually and physically disabled, yet still warm and inviting. Some residents have single rooms and they are encouraged to give them a “personal touch.” Common areas are well lit and tastefully furnished, and situated to provide a variety of spaces where residents can relax in solitude or share in the company of others.  Most have plenty of outdoor areas too, and these are scrupulously maintained by both professionals and the residents themselves. In fact, about the only way to distinguish AHRC’s community residences is that they are often the most well-tended homes on the block!



Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)


For intellectually and developmentally disabled adults with related major medical problems, AHRC Suffolk created its Intermediate Care Facilities in Centereach and Westhampton. These unique residential facilities provide a higher level of nursing services, on-call physicians, physical therapy, and a higher staff ratio to ensure that our residents live as independently and safely as possible. Like our community residences, our ICFs are designed to provide plenty of opportunities to make new friends, learn new things and simply enjoy life in a safe, comfortable environment.

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