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Below is a message from Laura J. Kennedy, President, NYSARC, Inc.:


Dear Family Members and Friends,


During the last ten years, it has become increasingly difficult for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to secure the residential placements they need to live safe, secure, and independent lives in their communities. Additionally, families throughout the state live in a perpetual state of anxiety that despite their advancing age and possible infirmity there is no assurance that anything other than a family catastrophe, including the death of a family caregiver, will be sufficient to justify an appropriate residential placement. 


This problem only seems to be getting worse. According to a recent report by OPWDD, there are thousands of individuals who now need, or will need, permanent housing. In response to this growing housing crisis, parents and advocates have developed this Report to the Governor which describes the urgent problem and requests that the Governor expeditiously address it.


For all those who believe that we must resolve this issue, please read our Report to the Governor and sign our online petition. We need thousands of names to bring this matter to the attention of the public, the press, and especially the Governor in preparation for the FY 18-19 State Budget.


For over half a century the united voice of families, parents, and friends of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has helped ensure that they are never forgotten. During a period in our nation’s history when human needs are under siege the voice of our families, friends, and advocates throughout the state has never been more important. 


Again, we urge you to read our Report to the Governor  and sign our online petition and ask that all of you who care about our families and their loved ones to do the same.


Thank you for your support!

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