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Corporate Compliance Plan


Reporting Compliance Concerns

The Compliance Connection April 2017


Confidential reporting without fear of retaliation


631-585-0100 ext. 772

As an AHRC Suffolk employee, it is not only your RIGHT, but it is also your DUTY to report

actual or suspected violations of AHRC's Standards of Conduct

WHAT TO REPORT (examples):

-Any failure to comply with all relevant Federal, State, and Local Regulations and Guidelines, as well

as AHRC's Standards of Conduct

-Harassment or retaliation of any kind

-Falsification of records

-Negligent or deliberate destruction or misuse of property

-Theft or misappropriation of property of individuals served, employees, or the Agency

-Violation of confidential information on the individuals we serve of employees

Other means of reporting to the Compliance Officer (via email, mail or in person):

Corporate Compliance Officer: Andrea Toto
631-585-0100 ext. 534

AHRC Suffolk

2900 Veterans Memorial Highway

Bohemia, NY 11716