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Our Mission

AHRC Suffolk's mission is to support and advocate with individuals of all ages with unique abilities and challenges. Our commitment is to provide individualized, high quality services utilizing person-centered approaches assisting them to discover and define their own quality of life.


Our Vision

Fulfilling the promise to support individuals with discovering opportunities and choices for realizing a meaningful quality of life.

Our Values

Integrity: AHRC Suffolk demonstrates respect in the delivery of services to the individuals we support, their families, and our staff by being open and truthful.


Quality: AHRC Suffolk always strives for the highest standards of quality supports, services and safety through an organized system of accountability guided by polices & procedures  and  exercises in continuous quality improvement  and  the use of self-audits.


Person-Centered Focus: We embrace individualism through

supporting a person­ centered approach towards people expressing and actualizing the life they choose to live. Each voice matters. Through CQL and other mediums, we aim to keep our focus on the individuals we support.


Communication: AHRC Suffolk highly values communication and teamwork as essential actions to lead to high morale, which effectuates perfomance, excellence, and reliability. We will work diligently to continue to provide the type of atmosphere where these ideals can thrive.


Transparency:   We will work together as a team and communicate openly to build trusting relationships with individuals, their families, the community and our employees.


Performance: As a result of our extensive training and supportive supervisory staff, AHRC Suffolk consistently provides excellent quality services.


Vision: To become leaders in our field through the transition to managed care and exploration of new program development to ensure both the viability and quality of services available to the individuals we support.



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Our History

It was a different world over 70 years ago, especially for families of children with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Not much was understood about their problems. There were few alternatives outside of full-time parental care. They were shunned by society and largely ignored by public education; and for the most part, professional assistance could only be found in institutions that were hardly more than warehouses…places of little help and less hope.


But in 1949, a small group of parents came together to form AHRC, an organization founded on the conviction that every person, regardless of their intellectual abilities, has the right to live with dignity, learn with pride and work to achieve their highest potential.


From a handful of volunteers, AHRC Suffolk (a chapter of The Arc New York) has grown to be one of the region's most trusted organizations and a leading voice on behalf of children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, and their families.


Our educational program, day habilitation services, community residences and on- and off-premises employment opportunities provide a comprehensive range of programs and services, delivered by an experienced and caring staff.


At its core, AHRC Suffolk remains very much a family. We are a community of parents, educators and health care professionals, volunteers, business partners and supporters bound by a common goal: to provide a life of opportunity for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.


On behalf of the AHRC family, we invite you to join our community and share our vision for the future.

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